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General conditions of sale

1. User registration

Prior to the formalization of the purchase of any of the products offered by Assisminho, the customer/user must record the data and information necessary for the opening of a reseller form. After approval as a reseller, the dealer will have access to the resale area where you can formalize orders.

2. Prices

Product prices are shown in euros and do not include VAT. The amounts indicated are exclusive for purchases made through this website.
The availability of the products presented on the website is limited to the existing stock at any given time. Prices and other descriptions are subject to change without notice, including stock replacement.

3. Orders

Product orders can be placed in the following ways:

  • Through our website, through login;
  • Through our contacts, via email or telephone

4. Payment

  • Orders placed under 100€+VAT will be charged for a logistics charge of €3 +VAT;
  • All documents of less than 150€ will be considered at full payment, regardless of the agreed credit conditions;
  • Requests for deferral of checks must be requested at least 2 working days in advance.
  • Deferral of checks free of charge (after approval by our Finance Department) will be valid for a maximum period of 7 days. If a longer period is required, a new cheque with the agreed date within 1 week must be sent. This process will have a fixed cost of 35€ plus commercial late payment interest at the rate in force
  • Payment for any of our products must be made in accordance with the conditions described and assigned above.

5. Shipping Deliveries and Shipping Costs

All deliveries are made by our carriers at the address indicated by the customer, upon signature of the respective transport guide, and the invoice is delivered together with the goods.

Ownership of the products is transferred to the customer with full payment of the price of the product and other amounts due. The risk of loss of the products is transferred to the customer with the delivery of the goods.

If the customer wishes to have his order shipped through an operator of his/her choice, he/she must put this information in the order observation field. The payment of any expenses relating to this shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer.

At the time of delivery of the products, it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the quantitative and qualitative inspection of the delivered volumes, and it is mandatory to register any anomalies in the respective delivery document. If there is no possibility of carrying out this inspection, the customer is implicitly accepting it as free of accidental damage. If in doubt, we suggest that you sign the transportation guide with the observation of "subject to conference".

Fig. 01 - Deliveries and shipping costs - conditions and prices:

ZoneValueTotal WeightOrderDeliveryCarrierPostage
Mainland PortugalLess than 100€ +VATGruesome
up to 30kg
Until 17:00Next business dayDPD9.00€ +VAT
More than 100€ +VAT6.00€ +VAT
more than 30kg
10.00€ +VAT
-By pallet or volume
more than 31kg
Until 14:0024h to 48h (Weekdays)
For inland areas the deadline may exceed 48h
Our Facilities--Previously processedAvailable for withdrawal
from 09:00 to 12:30
from 14:00 to 18:30
Portugal - Islands
(Azores and Madeira)
Under Consultation
InternationalUnder Consultation

6. Guarantees

Assisminho guarantees the conformity of products marketed in accordance with the law, which benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty must be activated directly between the dealer and the manufacturer, and the dealer must consult, through the support lines of each manufacturer, what procedures are necessary for such activation. For new products, the warranty varies depending on the manufacturers and type of products and can be increased if the customer so wishes.

For used equipment we guarantee a 30-day warranty, while for generic (compatible) products the warranty is 90 days.

The guarantee of products marketed by Assisminho does not cover

  • Abnormal or non-compliant use of the products;
  • damage caused by the intervention of an unauthorised repairman;
  • Damage with outside cause.

7. Exchanges and Returns

If the products received do not comply with the invoice, the customer must alert assisminho within a maximum of three days from the date of receipt of the order, in order to be able to exchange them.

With regard to returns, products may only be returned after a preliminary and written agreement by Assisminho. The returned products must be addressed to Assisminho and the shipping fees will be borne by the customer. The returned products must be in perfect condition and carefully packed in their original packaging, with all accessories and without any modification in their references or in their serial numbers. Your labels should be intact.

Returns for special product orders from specific orders made by the customer are not accepted.

8. Faulty Material (RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization)

Whenever the customer receives a defective product, they must complete and submit the RMA form, available to download our website, and email

Only products that have a malfunction upon arrival to the customer, which do not have broken parts, which are within the expiry date and that keep the original outer box of the brand, are accepted. The customer must keep the invoice and/or proof of purchase of the product (either on paper or digital format).

To complete the fault exchange (RMA) exchange form correctly, the customer must enter only one reference per RMA request, provide relevant information and attach proofof printing, photos or videos demonstrating the alleged malfunction (in the case of faults related to cartridges or toners).

The response to your RMA request will be sent by email. In case of approval, the customer has 7 days to ship the defective goods to our facilities. After this period, the process will be automatically annulled. The product to be returned must be shipped with the RMA number clearly visible on the outer packaging, which must not be the product."

Assisminho only accepts material whose return request has been explicitly approved and which is properly identified with the RMA number assigned to it. Whenever the fault reported by the client is proven, Assisminho will exchange the material to resolve the RMA process.

It should be noted that the authorisation of the RMA application does not necessarily imply its acceptance, which is subject to the examination of the conditions under which the product in question is located, as well as subsequent approval by the manufacturer.

Products with indications of misuse, recycling and changes to the original product will not be accepted, as will consumables with signs of use greater than 30%.

The customer has 30 days to collect material sent that does not agree with the approval of RMA, being considered abandoned and forwarded for recycling at the end of this period.

9. Other Rights and Responsibilities

All data and content sands of the site, including distinctive trade signs, are the exclusive property of Assisminho or third parties and, as such, are protected by law.

Assisminho assumes no responsibility for any errors published on the site, including photo errors. Some of the images used are indicative and may not correspond exactly to the product in question. Assisminho makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the site, reserving the right to freely change the contents of the same, at any time and without notice.


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