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Futuras Instalações da Assisminho - copy and print solutions

Futuras Instalações da Assisminho - copy and print solutions
New premises of our head office/Warehouse

Assisminho - Copy and Print Solutions

Established in the year 2000, the Assisminho is one of the largest distributors in the Portuguese specialized in copying and printing.

Over the years, the company has been growing substantially thanks to a policy of transparency and quality in relation to customer service, to products sold, as well as how to choose the best supplier.

By a laboratory technician, himself, composed by a qualified service technician, we provide the response and follow-up to a number of technical questions being asked by our users, and manufacturers. What do we do? Always be on the cutting edge of tech, testing out the latest products and the related technology.


The Assisminho, a leader in the National market for the distribution of the products of the copying and printing as it carries out its activity directed to Customers, Partners and Vendors, with a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of their processes, products and services, on the basis of the following principles.

Customer value – The customer is at the heart of our team. To help in the recovery of the client, we will help you to grow with us.

Ethics – Our guidelines to be in the business of human relations. Our standards and values to apply to all of the Stakeholders in the Assisminho from its customers, suppliers, partners, and co-workers. They are all important and should all be treated ethically by adding credibility, trust, and respect.

Competence – we Strive for the recognition of our expertise and put it to the benefit of our clients, supporting them in finding solutions and doing business.

Innovation – we Have a great deal of effort and investment in Innovation, seeking to continually bring to market the latest advancements in the products and services we sell, to be on the cutting edge in our field of work.

Responsibility - We are always committed to provide the best conditions for work and motivation of our Employees to ensure that they are an integral part of the goals outlined by the company, as well as to comply with the commitments made to our vendors, and stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction - our top priority is the complete satisfaction of our clients, in order to this endeavor, all our efforts so that we are able to meet the expectations placed on us.

Quality - a focus on The quality of any products, services, and resources, and has always been one of our concerns, because only then can we respond to the demands of the market.

The mission

To create added value in the market, which constitutes a partner of choice for Customers and Suppliers that are credible and able to provide them with support to grow, thus giving continuity to the expansion and diversification of business in the global market due to the growth and recognition of all of you.


We aim to be a national and International reference in the development of products and technological solutions of high added value to the resellers, professionals, and reaching out to the competitiveness and sustainability of the organization.

The values

  • Ambition
  • Appointment
  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Social Responsibility

The Assisminho has a team of professionals that are capable of transmitting this to a set of values, which constitute the idiosyncrasy of the firm, and that they manifest themselves in the market.

With the implementation of the Quality Management System, we want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as well as to a process of continual improvement, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Certificação PME Lider/Excelência 2019 - Assisminho


IAPMEI renewed in the year 2020, the Status of PME Leader, and awarded the PME Excellence in the Company of Carlos Manuel Martins dos Santos, the Man Lda., NUMBER 509455778 (ASSISMINHO).

Importação - Exportação

Importação - Exportação

Importação - Exportação

The services that we provide

Import / Export

Being committed to the Assisminho the attainment of high quality products, which are Imported from various parts of the globe, from new equipment to used, original supplies, compatible with the parts of the service.

Thanks to the policy, and the success achieved in the Uk, it quickly passed in the export to the countries of the European Union, as well as to the various Portuguese-speaking countries, namely Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Cape Verde, Guinea-bissau, and in Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, colombia, and Peru.

The distribution

The Assisminho, working with companies in the industry, from being a distributor of the full range of products for the Brother dealer for service .

We are the exclusive distributors in the Uk for manufacturers of compatible products such as the brand name in Full (in Germany), such as: toners, drums, blades, rollers, fusers, etc., to the brands Brother, Canon, HP, Ricoh, Kyocera, Konica-Minolta, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba.

Thanks to the partnership with the best operators in the logistics, we are able to deliver on the next working day orders placed before 17:00 hours in Spain and Portugal. For the rest of the countries, the delivery time depends on the service agreement.

Assisminho Usados

Assisminho Usados


You want us to Sell?

We buy all kinds of equipment for copying and printing from one unit to several groups.

We offer a specialist service to manufacturers, businesses, renting, and business with large parks and amenities, ranging from the study of the management of the assets and the management of write-offs, taking into account all of the environmental policies.

You Want To Buy It?

We only sell the equipments, which have the quality of in order to be re-used or refurbished. All equipment is rigorously tested and cleaned, before being carefully packaged, to ensure the security and integrity of the same during transportation. We provide the shipping container with the second platform.

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