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Assisminho The Next Generation

Assisminho Next Generation - NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-025832

Project name: Assisminho the Next Generation

The code of the project: the NORTH-02-0853-the ERDF-025832 NORTH-06-3560-ESF-025832
The main objective: Enhancing the competitiveness of SMES
Region of operation: North
Beneficiary: Carlos Manuel Martins dos Santos, Unipessoal, Lda.

Approval date: 2017-08-03
Start date: 2017-10-01
Date of completion: 2020-03-31
Total eligible cost: 160.912,90 EUR
The financial assistance of the European Union by: - ERDF 68.789,EUR 25| ESF-5.633,53 EUR

The objectives, activities and results expected/achieved:

The project Assisminho the Next Generation will step up in-house expertise of the company in many areas non-material ' competitiveness in order to position the Assisminho as a strong brand name and high reputation in the market and to promote their growth in order to meet the demand of the global market.

As such, this project is a continuation of the growth strategy of the company, evaluating its in-house capabilities, and ability to export to a competitive market, by focusing on the five (5) different categories:

  • Innovation, Organizational culture and Management practices: implementation of new methods and internal practices that will further enhance the capabilities of the management and the efficiency of the processes between the departments.
  • The Digital economy and the ICT: new tools for promotion and marketing, which will give you a larger visibility to the products and to improve the relationship with its customers;
  • To quality: certification of QMS according to standard ISO 9001, which will improve the quality of internal processes and of the products and services.
  • Transfer of Knowledge: - certification of SGIDI, according to the standard NP 4457, which will boost the R&D of new products and solutions.
  • The distribution and Logistics of implementing a new system that is integrated and automated, which will bring the effectiveness of the internal savings, and improved customer service.

In this way, the Assisminho the Next Generation intends to leverage the capabilities of the organizational and management activities of the company, fostering its expansion in international markets, thanks to innovation in the organisation have the capacity to develop products and services, so as to provide the greatest value and the modernisation of the company, allowing for its further growth.

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