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Material of the failed (RMA) Return Merchandise Authorization)

Every time a customer receives a defective product, you must fill out and submit the form to the COMPANY , which is available for download from our website, and send it by e-mail to logistica@assisminho.com.

They are only accepted on products that have a defect at the time of the arrival of the client, a client that does not have broken parts that are within the expiration date, and that you keep it in the box on the outside of the original brand name. The customer must keep the invoice and/or proof of purchase of the product (whether in paper or digital format).

How to properly fill out the form to request the return of the Material, a Broken (RMA), the customer will have to insert a reference to the request of the COMPANY, shall indicate the relevant information and attach any evidence of the print, pictures, or videos showing the alleged damage (in the case of a malfunction relating to the ink cartridges or the toner cartridges).

The response to your RMA request will be sent to you via e-mail. In the case of an approval, the customer has 7 days to ship the product with a malfunction in the our site. At the end of this period, the case will be automatically cancelled. The product to be returned should be sent along with the RMA number clearly visible on the outer packaging, the packaging, and this should not be the product.

The Assisminho they will only accept material that is the return request has been specifically approved, and that it is properly marked with the RMA number you have been assigned to them. Where it is proved that the fault reported by the customer, the Assisminho will return the material to the resolution of the process of the COMPANY.

It should be noted that, with the consent of the ordering of the STATES does not necessarily imply its acceptance of it, and it is subject to the review of the condition of the item in question, as well as the approval on the part of the manufacturer. This whole process can take up to about 1 month.

Products with signs of ill-use, recycling, and changes to the original product and will not be accepted and it will be carried out with the signals in-use in excess of 30%.

The customer has 30 days to collect the materials sent to you, which is not in accordance with the approval of the COMPANY, which is considered to be abandoned and rerouted to the recycle bin at the end of the period.

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