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The general terms and conditions of sale

1. The registration of the user

Prior to the closing of the sale of any of the products offered by the Assisminho, the user is required to record the data and information you need to open a form from the dealer. After the approval, as a retailer, you have access to the reseller area where you could formalize the parcel.

2. Price

The prices of the products are shown in euros and are exclusive of VAT. The values shown are only for purchases made through this web site.
The availability of the products presented on the site shall be limited to the existing stock at any given time. Prices and other descriptions are subject to change without prior notice to you, including for the replenishment of the stock.

3. Orders

Orders for goods may be made in the following ways:

  • Through our web site, by means of a login;
  • Through our contacts, through e-mail or by phone

4. Payment

  • For orders below 100€+VAT will be charged for the expenses of the logistics and costs€ 3 plus VAT;
  • All of the documents with a value less than 150€, will be deemed to be a lump sum, regardless of the terms of the credit agreement;
  • Requests for the postponement of the checks must be made with a minimum notice of 2 business days.
  • The postponement of cheques free of charge (upon approval from our accounting Department) shall be valid for a maximum period of 7 days. If you need a longer period, you should be sent a new check for the agreed upon date within a period of 1 week. This will be a fixed charge of€ 35 plus interest for late payment of commercial rate as in force
  • The payment of any and all of our products must be efetuadoa according to the procedures described above, is granted.

5. Delivery and Shipping costs

All deliveries are made by our carriers to the address nominated by the customer, by signing the appropriate delivery note, the invoice is delivered together with the goods.

The property in the goods is transferred to the customer, with the payment in full of the price of the product, and any other amounts due and owing. The risk of loss of the products transfers to the customer upon delivery of the goods.

If the customer wishes the order to be dispatched by an operator, of your choice, you should put this information in the remarks field of your order. The payment of any expenses related to that shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer.

At the time of delivery of the goods is the responsibility of the client to the inspection of both the quantity and quality of the delivered volumes, and must be on the register for any anomalies in their document of surrender. If you do not have the possibility to perform this inspection, the customer will be deemed to accept such as free from damage. In case of any doubt, we strongly suggest that you sign the delivery note, with the note “subject to call”.

Fig. 01 - the Supplies and the shipping terms and prices.

The areaThe valueWeightOrderDeliveryThe carrierShipping
PortugalLess than 100€ +VATUp to 30kgUntil at 17:00The next business dayCHRONOPOST9.00€ +VAT
In excess of 100€ +VAT6.00€ +IVA
In excess of 100€ +VATof 31kg at 100 kg24 hours to 48 hours
(Working days only)
-Shipping on a pallet36.00€ +VAT
(Per pallet, subject to confirmation)
Our Facility - - -The morning, from 09:00 to 12:30 pm
Afternoon: from 14:00 to 18:30
- -
Uk - Islands - - - - -On Request
International - - - - -On Request

6. Collateral

The Assisminho ensures the conformity of the products to come to market in accordance with the law, all of which benefit from a guarantee from the manufacturer. This warranty varies depending on the manufacturers and their products, and it can be increased if the client wish to do so.

The warranty of the products sold by the Assisminho does not cover

  • - The abnormal use or non-conforming products;
  • The damage caused by the intervention of a repairer not authorized;
  • The damage causes the outer.

7. Refunds and exchanges

If the goods received are not in accordance with the invoice, the client should be alert to the Assisminho within a maximum period of three days from the date of receipt of the order, in order to be able to do to change them.

With regard to refunds, they can only be returned for a product after approval of the preliminary and written consent of the Assisminho. All returned products should be addressed to the Assisminho, and shipping & handling charges will be the responsibility of the customer. All returned products must be in perfect condition, carefully packaged in their original packaging, with all accessories and without any change in their references or their serial numbers. The labels must be intact.

We do not accept returns for orders of special products, resulting from specific requests made by the client.

8. Material of the failed (RMA) Return Merchandise Authorization)

Every time a customer receives a defective product, you must fill out and submit the form to the COMPANY , which is available for download on our web site, and send it by e-mail to logistica@assisminho.com.

They are only accepted on products that have a defect at the time of the arrival of the client, a client that does not have broken parts that are within the expiration date, and that you keep it in the box on the outside of the original brand name. The customer must keep the invoice and/or proof of purchase of the product (whether in paper or digital format).

How to properly fill out the form to request the return of the Material, a Broken (RMA), the customer will have to insert a reference to the request of the COMPANY, shall indicate the relevant information and attach any evidence of the print, pictures, or videos showing the alleged damage (in the case of a malfunction relating to the ink cartridges or the toner cartridges).

The response to your RMA request will be sent to you via e-mail. In the case of an approval, the customer has 7 days to ship the product with a malfunction in the our site. At the end of this period, the case will be automatically cancelled. The product to be returned should be sent along with the RMA number clearly visible on the outer packaging , the packaging, and this should not be the product.

The Assisminho they will only accept material that is the return request has been specifically approved, and that it is properly marked with the RMA number you have been assigned to them. Where it is proved that the fault reported by the customer, the Assisminho will return the material to the resolution of the process of the COMPANY.

It should be noted that, with the consent of the ordering of the STATES does not necessarily imply its acceptance of it, and it is subject to the review of the condition of the item in question, as well as the approval on the part of the manufacturer.

Products on the grounds of ill-use, recycling, and changes to the original product and will not be accepted and the same is true for products with signs of use in excess of 30%.

The customer has 30 days to collect the materials sent to you, which is not in accordance with the approval of the COMPANY, which is considered to be abandoned and rerouted to the recycle bin at the end of the period.

9. Other duties and Responsibilities as

All of the data, and the content of the site, including the distinctive features of the trade, are the exclusive property of the Assisminho, or to any third party, and, as such, are protected by the law.

The Assisminho does not assume any responsibility or liability for any errors published on the website, including any errors in the picture. Some of the images that are used are an indication only, and may not correspond exactly to the product in question. The Assisminho makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the web site, and reserves the right to freely change the content at any time and without prior notice to you.

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