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Price list:

Mainland PortugalLess than 100€ +VATUp to 30kgUntil 17:00Next business dayChronopost9.00€ +VAT
More than 100€ +VAT6.00€ +VAT
More than 100€ +VATfrom 31kg to 100kg24h to 48h
(Working days)
-Pallet shipping36.00€ +VAT
(Per pallet subject to confirmation)
Our Facilities---Morning 09:00 to 12:30
Afternoon: 14:00 to 18:30
Portugal - Islands
(Azores and Madeira)
Under Consultation
InternationalUnder Consultation

When receiving a goods, you must check the condition of the goods, in case you do not check the customer you are implicitly accepting it as free of accidental damage. If in doubt, we suggest that you subscribe to the Transportation Guide with the observation of "subject to conference".

We also inform you that from the date they receive goods have 2 weeks to make some kind of complaint about the status of the same. All complaints will only be accepted within this period and respectively accompanied by photographs and copies of the assisminho invoice.

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