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Hp Original Cartridge 301 Black

HP Original Cartridge 301 Black, Standard yield, Dye-based ink, 3 ml, 190 pages, 1 unit(s), Individual package

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HP Original Cartridge 301 Black. Cartridge type: Standard yield, Black ink type: Dye-based ink, Black ink volume: 3 ml, Packaging type: Individual package, Quantity per set: 1 unit(s), Black page capacity: 190 pages

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Color(s) of print cartridgesPreto
Ink typeTinta baseada em corante
Quantity per set1 unidade(s)
CompatibilityHP DeskJet 1050, 2050, 2054A, 2514, 3050, 3052A, 3054A, 3057A, 3059A
Black ink typeTinta baseada em corante
Type of cartridgeRendimento padrão
Brand compatibilityHP
HP SegmentEnterprise
Operating temperature (T-T)15 - 32 °C
Relative operating humidity (H-H)20 - 80%
Temperature limit (storage)-40 - 60 °C
Width113 mm
Depth37 mm
Height115 mm
Weight35 g
Packing length113 mm
Packing depth37 mm
Packing height115 mm
Packing weight50 g
Printing technologyImpressão de tinta a jato
Pallet width120 cm
Pallet length80 cm
Pallet height117,6 cm
Pallet weight178,6 kg
Number of layers per pallet6 unidade(s)
Main boxes (exterior) per pallet layer8 unidade(s)
Main boxes (exterior) per pallet48608 unidade(s)
Quantity per pallet2880 unidade(s)
Type of packagingCaixa
Country of originIrlanda
Quantity of black cartridges1
Black ink volume3 ml
Width of outer main box58,8 cm
Length of outer main packing19,8 cm
Height of outer main box17,2 cm
Weight of outer main cardboard box3,2 kg
Black page capability190 páginas
Quantity per main pack60 unidade(s)
BCP Bubble Chart ColorPreto
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